About Comphies

Starting with quality, tried and proven materials to ensuring the quality of the final product, we won't settle for anything less. Because you, and your satisfaction is what matters, we won't use lower quality materials just to increase profit margins.

But it's not just about starting with a quality product, the print quality also needs to exceed expectations and use over time. Millions has been spent to ensure the best print quality and expedited process is delivered.

Why Happy Feel Good Graphics with positive message

It's important to us that shirts, clothing and other products send a happy, and positive message. I'll tell you why!

Family Infinity

I have three sons, a 27 years old, and twin toddlers. Recently my 27 year old son encountered a mental health situation, which made me evaluate so many aspects of life, and the messages that we send.

When you wear a message or a brand on your clothing, other people see it, read it, and it stays in their mind. I want my sons to see positive messages, and receive positive vibes.

Everything with Love at Comphies

Sure, there are also a few cute print designs with funny messages, and even several for holidays and events. But the over all concept is placed on positivity, creativity, and motivation.

It's like planting a seed. What you plant is most likely what will fruit. Plant positivity, you will receive the fruits of positivity. Plant Love, your fruits will be Love.

Donating to Veterans

As a Veteran, we believe in giving back and helping those in need. Comphies donates 10% of profits to veterans that need some help. We welcome you to submit the information of a veteran needing help in the South Florida area. I will personally make the delivery so there are no overhead costs and 100% of the funds are directed to the person needing assistance.

Why the Name Comphies

Just as the graphic designs and prints, the name sends a message of comfort. You should feel physically and mentally comfortable with what you wear and the message you send to our youth, family and friends. 

Thank You

Thank you for browsing around our site, and having an interest in learning more about Comphies.

Stay in touch with us and new designs, shirts, and other goods. Follow some of our social (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest) and interact with us. We greatly appreciate it.