FAQ for Comphies T-Shirt and Apparel Affiliate Marketing Program

Let's dive into some affiliate marketing FAQs and review the answers. There are several frequently asked questions about affiliate marketing, and we've made it extremely easy to use our affiliate portal. Here, we'll go over step by step on how to use our program, how to generate the affiliate links, and the most important aspect for most people – how to get paid.

An affiliate account with Comphies can be created to market t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, mugs, or any of the other great gift ideas.

How to Create the Affiliate Account:

First, to create the affiliate account, go to https://t-shirtaffiliateprogram.goaffpro.com/create-account

Create an Affiliate Account With Comphies

 Enter your Name (Full Name), we need this to know who we are going to be paying. 

Enter your Email Address - You will sent an email to verify the correct email address. subsequently you will be notified anytime you earn and commission from a sale, and when payments are made.

Enter your Password - Don't forget it, but you can change it later.

You can read our Terms of Service and Privacy Disclosure for the affiliate program from those previous links, they will open in a new window so you can keep this page open.

Once you click on create you will taken into your new affiliate panel. Don't forget to confirm your email address.


Now that you've created your affiliate account with Comphies and verified your email address, let's take a look at different tabs and settings. We'll also go over how to manage and gather the links you wish to promote.

The Different Tabs in the Comphies Affiliate Portal

Affiliate Panel Home Tab

1 - This shows the commission percentage you will receive from sales generated through your affiliate link.

2 - This is your affiliate link. Anytime anyone uses your special affiliate link, their usage on comphies.com will be tracked to your affiliate account. When a sale is made using your link, you earn a commission.

  • To edit your affiliate link, click on the "pencil" on arrow #3. The characters can be changed to anything else, so long as it is not taken by another affiliate. Characters must be unique.

3 - You can "Copy" the affiliate link, or use the social icons to quickly share your affiliate link. 

4 - The summary shows the traffic and sales your affiliate account has generated. Normally, it works in real-time, but we do have a cache system that takes a few minutes to refresh.

5 - Date range for the summary - You can go back and review your tracking and sales by modifying the dates you wish to view.

6 - Tabs, the different tabs for your affiliate panel. Let's go over each and their function.

Affiliate Marketing Tools Tab

In the Affiliate Marketing Tools Tab is where you will most likely be doing most of your work. This tab allows you to generate links to any product, page or collection on our Comphies.

Affiliate Program Marketing Tools Tab

1- Paste Product Page Link

Here you can paste any page from Comphies.com and create an affiliate to that page. 

  • For Example - If you wanted to create an affiliate link to the Mom Collection, you would copy and paste the page web address : https://comphies.com/collections/mom in the box. 
  • The box next to it would automatically generate your special affiliate link that brings your referrals to the Mom Collection, and has your affiliate code attached. 

This feature is great to brings shopper directly to a particular page, collection or even product on Comphies. 

Creating an affiliate link to search results

The special product link can even be created for searches on Comphies. Click on the Search Icon, and perform a search. Then follow the same process, copy and paste the link in the address bar into the "product link" box to generate an affiliate link that will bring your shoppers to the search result, while including your affiliate code.

2 - Media Assets

Media Assets are creative that we have uploaded to facilitate images and banners on your socials or website. You are welcome to create a media asset, we just ask that you first allow us to approve the image.

Using Media Assets

Copy as HTML - When you click on this link you will provide an HTML code that can be used on your website to direct users to Comphies, with your affiliate code embedded in the link.

You can also download the asset/image or share this image to your social by clicking on the icons. 

Analytics Tab

Affiliate Account Analytics Tab

The Analytics tab for the geek in us. In this tab you can see all your referral vistis and what they have done on Comphies.com, even which browser they were using. 

 But I am sure you are more worried, as you should be, with the numbers. You can see the number of visits, the number or orders placed using your affiliate link, even the percentages of sales to visits. And the most important of all stats, your commission earned. 

Transactions Tab

Under the transactions tab of your affiliate portal, you will see all transaction details generated from your affiliate links.

Payments Tab

Here you can see the Amount Paid, and Amount Pending, along with a history of payments made. 

Settings Tab

The settings tab hold the most important part of this entire affiliate program, how you will be paid. We currently only use paypal for payments, therefore you must have a paypal account to receive payment from your affiliate commissions.

Settings Tab - Profile

Settings Tab - Profile

We encourage you to complete this section with your social and contact information. It just makes things easier to manage when there is more information. Subsequently, if we need to verify suspicious activities, this allows us to directly review your account without having to suspend the account, awaiting receiving your information.

Settings Tab - Referral Code

Settings Tab - Referral Code

You can change your referral code to anything you would like, so long as the characters used are unique and not taken up by another affiliate account.

Settings Tab - Payment Settings

Settings Tab - Payment Settings

The most important step for you to take, ensure we have your payment information so you can receive payment on your affiliate referrals. 

Once you click on "Setup" you will see the pop-up box show up. If you do not see this box, make sure you are allowing pop-up windows from Comphies.com. Some browsers could block the window from showing. 

Click the dropdown menu, select "Paypal" and enter your paypal address. Click Submit. That's it. When commissions are due, you will be notified and payment will be made. 

 Settings Tab - Notification Settings

Settings Tab - Notification Settings

When you click the Notification Preferences a a popup window will display showing available notification options. By default they are all checked. 

Notification Preferences

You can uncheck to set your preferences. We suggest you keep them checked so you can receive notifications on your commission and payments.

If you having any further questions about the Comphies apparel affiliate program you can contact us by email or through our general contact us page, we will be happy to assist any way possible to help ensure your success.

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