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Born To Argue T-Shirt (Attorney) with Scale of Justice

Born To Argue T-Shirt (Attorney) with Scale of Justice

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Born To Argue T-Shirt (Attorney) with Scale of Justice - Description and Size Chart

Introducing the commanding and profession-inspired "Born To Argue" T-Shirt, specially crafted for lawyers and attorneys who thrive in the world of debate, defense, and legal prowess. This unique t-shirt seamlessly merges a declaration of purpose with a visual representation of justice, making it an essential addition to the wardrobes of legal professionals.

At the heart of this t-shirt is a powerful print that proudly displays the words "Born To Argue," accompanied by an intricate image of the Scale of Justice. This combination encapsulates the essence of the legal profession – a commitment to advocating for truth and fairness through well-honed arguments. The design serves as a badge of honor for lawyers and attorneys who dedicate themselves to the pursuit of justice.

Precision-crafted and printed using high-quality techniques, the design retains its sharpness and clarity even after numerous washes. The t-shirt itself is made from comfortable, breathable fabric, ensuring a professional yet comfortable appearance throughout the day. Its versatile design makes it suitable for various occasions, from the courtroom to more casual settings.

The appeal of the "Born To Argue" T-Shirt extends beyond its core design. Elevate your legal-inspired style with a range of other apparel options, including cozy hoodies, sleek sweatshirts, and classic ball caps. Furthermore, you can extend your passion for justice to your daily routine with our selection of coffee mugs and drinkware featuring the same impactful design.

Embrace your legal prowess with our diverse range of products showcasing this empowering print. Whether you're wearing the t-shirt that announces your dedication to justice or sipping from a mug that reflects your unwavering commitment, you're sure to inspire confidence and admiration among colleagues and clients alike.

Celebrate the art of argumentation and the pursuit of justice with the "Born To Argue" T-Shirt, designed exclusively for legal professionals who embrace their role as advocates and defenders. Embrace the perfect blend of professionalism, confidence, and style, because advocating for justice never looked this good. Order now and wear your legal passion with pride!


  • Best-selling shirt known for its exceptional qualities
  • Relaxed, tailored fit for ultimate comfort
  • Made from high-quality materials:
    • 100% pre-shrunk cotton
    • Heather gray: 90% cotton/10% polyester
    • Light heather gray: 98% cotton/2% polyester
    • Heather black: 50% cotton/50% polyester
  • Fabric Weight: 5.0 oz (mid-weight)
  • Double-stitched seams at shoulder, sleeve, collar, and waist for durability
  • Special Note: Mineral Wash colors have a slight yellow tint and each shirt is unique due to the special dye process
  • Imported and processed in the U.S.A. for quality assurance

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    S 27.99 in 17.99 in 7.48 in
    M 28.98 in 19.49 in 7.48 in
    L 30 in 21.97 in 7.72 in
    XL 30.98 in 23.98 in 7.72 in
    2XL 31.97 in 25.98 in 8.74 in
    3XL 32.48 in 27.48 in 8.74 in
    4XL 34.49 in 28.98 in 8.74 in
    5XL 35 in 30.98 in 8.74 in
    6XL 37.48 in 32.99 in 8.74 in
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