Proud Twins Mama Premium Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Color: heather gray
Size: S
Sale price$26.74


Introducing the "Proud Twins Mama Premium Long Sleeve T-Shirt" - a symbol of the deep pride that comes with being a mom of twins. This premium long sleeve tee elegantly proclaims "Proud Twins Mama," showcasing your joy and honor in this remarkable role. Designed for both comfort and quality, the fabric ensures you feel cozy while embracing your unique journey with warmth. The message resonates with fellow twin moms, forging a sense of unity and shared experience. Elevate your style while proudly displaying your twin mom pride with our "Proud Twins Mama Premium Long Sleeve T-Shirt."

Women's Premium Long Sleeve T-Shirt
slimmer fit
S 26.5 in 18.46 in 23.46 in
M 26.97 in 19.49 in 23.98 in
L 27.48 in 20.98 in 24.49 in
XL 28.74 in 21.97 in 25 in
2XL 29.72 in 22.48 in 25 in
3XL 30.98 in 22.99 in 25.24 in

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