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Relax We're All Crazy, It's Not A Competition T-Shirt

Relax We're All Crazy, It's Not A Competition T-Shirt

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Relax We're All Crazy, It's Not A Competition T-Shirt Description and Size Chart

Introducing the witty and relatable "Relax We're All Crazy, It's Not A Competition" T-Shirt – a humorous and comforting reminder that individual quirks are what make us beautifully human. This t-shirt effortlessly combines light-heartedness with camaraderie, making it a must-have for those who embrace their eccentricities and believe in the power of unity.

At the core of this t-shirt is a captivating print that reads, "Relax We're All Crazy, It's Not A Competition." This clever phrase encapsulates the essence of empathy and camaraderie, gently reminding us that we're all navigating the labyrinth of life with our unique brand of craziness. It's a playful nudge to let go of judgment and embrace both our own quirks and those of others.

Crafted with precision and printed using high-quality techniques, the design maintains its vibrancy and clarity wash after wash. The t-shirt itself is fashioned from soft, breathable fabric that guarantees a comfortable fit, making it perfect for casual outings or cozy days indoors. Its versatile style ensures you can express your individuality in various settings.

The appeal of the "Relax We're All Crazy, It's Not A Competition" design extends beyond t-shirts alone. Choose to spread the lighthearted message across other clothing items such as snug hoodies, trendy sweatshirts, and stylish ball caps. And if you wish to infuse your surroundings with positivity, explore our collection of coffee mugs and drinkware featuring the same uplifting message.

Embrace the spirit of unity and understanding with our diverse range of products showcasing this heartening print. Whether you're wearing the t-shirt that celebrates our shared human experience or sipping from a mug that promotes compassion, you'll be sending out waves of positivity and forging connections with those around you.

Celebrate the beauty of our collective uniqueness with the "Relax We're All Crazy, It's Not A Competition" T-Shirt. Embrace the perfect blend of humor, empathy, and style, because fostering connections and embracing diversity is a journey worth celebrating. Order now and wear your solidarity with pride!


  • Best-selling shirt known for its exceptional qualities
  • Relaxed, tailored fit for ultimate comfort
  • Made from high-quality materials:
    • 100% pre-shrunk cotton
    • Heather gray: 90% cotton/10% polyester
    • Light heather gray: 98% cotton/2% polyester
    • Heather black: 50% cotton/50% polyester
  • Fabric Weight: 5.0 oz (mid-weight)
  • Double-stitched seams at shoulder, sleeve, collar, and waist for durability
  • Special Note: Mineral Wash colors have a slight yellow tint and each shirt is unique due to the special dye process
  • Imported and processed in the U.S.A. for quality assurance

    T-Shirt Size Guide

    Unisex Classic T-Shirt
    normal fit
    A B C
    S 27.99 in 17.99 in 7.48 in
    M 28.98 in 19.49 in 7.48 in
    L 30 in 21.97 in 7.72 in
    XL 30.98 in 23.98 in 7.72 in
    2XL 31.97 in 25.98 in 8.74 in
    3XL 32.48 in 27.48 in 8.74 in
    4XL 34.49 in 28.98 in 8.74 in
    5XL 35 in 30.98 in 8.74 in
    6XL 37.48 in 32.99 in 8.74 in

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